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Our New Range - No Added Sugar

There is no sugar at all. Apple juice concentrate makes it sweet. Himachal is the Apple State of India so we use this. Other countries eg France and the US use Grape and Pear Juice concentrate. These 3 fruits have no defining taste of their own so we can use them in all our products.
The Apple juice concentrate gives it the FSSAI required sweetness. Our jams all have a best before date of 2 years. But our jams never spoil with age except for losing their fresh colour. My father used to love his 10 year old Vintage Marmalade!
No but some people consider it healthier than white sugar. Most fruits are too sweet for diabetics and our jams are full of fruit.
Yes, or even better. The colour is clearer in some products which is appealing.
No, we think the concentrated apple juice is a better option for jams.
We buy it at 4.5 times the rate of the best sugar. This is because the manufacturers tell us that it is expensive to make and store (in a cold store).
If enough people like it and can afford it we can make all our products.
Well, it is all fruit and has no white sugar in it. Jams are in themselves sweet and like all good things one must eat them in a balanced way! I mean no one should eat a whole bottle at a sitting, however good and tasty it is.
Because we use no preservatives at all and use only natural homemade pectin and fresh lime juice we always recommend that once opened it should be loosely capped (to breathe) and kept in the fridge. Never use a wet spoon!
Yes, it will naturally change colour (like achars) with time because we do not add any chemicals to slow this down.
The oil is a miniscule amount. This is to help in removing the foam from the jam before bottling.
It is of course a concentrate. It is essentially the pure and natural sugar of the fruit. Customers are always eager to bring natural ingredients into their diets.
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