NEW Blueberry & Mixed Fruit Preserve 240gm



  • Women-Led Initiative
  • Bhuira Jams & Preserves are all-natural, contain no added preservatives and they taste delicious with fresh scones and cream.
  • Preserves are where infinite care is taken to keep the fruit whole or in whole pieces. Loaded with Fruit.
  • You can bite into a luscious piece of Strawberry with every spoon with a tint of rosemary. This is a favourite among children and a wholesome, Natural option for a snack box sandwich or chapati roll. It also makes a great ingredient in cakes and desserts.
  • Best Before 24 months from Date of Manufacturing; Refrigerate after opening.
  • No added preservatives, synthetic colours or flavours.
  • Loaded with Fruit.
  • What are the mixed fruits? – Blueberries, Strawberries, Black Cherries and Red Plum.
  • A deliciously exotic mix.
  • This is a NEW favorite among children at the breakfast table and a wholesome, Natural option for a snack box.
  • Vegetarian | Best Before 24 months From Date of Manufacturing | Refrigerate after opening
  • No added preservatives, synthetic colors or flavors.


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